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    A Gift from Moriah

    The Higher Aspect of the human spirit is that connection with the Divine. By whatever name you feel comfortable, the Divine is the Source of all creativity and knowledge. When human beings are creative, they are generally given personal credit for the works of art that they create. Most fail to see themselves as a channel of the Divine from which all creativity flows.

    Knowledge also flows from, and is our connection with, the Divine. Through an invisible network of assistance this information is given. Great books that influence culture today were once the inspiration received through the Higher aspect of the human spirit.

    Moriah has been consciously receiving such information regularly since 1990, but can recognize that same influence in poetry she received many years earlier. Always aware that she had a mission and responsibility that she must fulfill, but unaware of the meaning of that responsibility, she began opening herself up to learn and to receive through meditation. After years of work practicing her skills through many other kinds of writing, she is now beginning to reveal these great Works.

    These writings will be published slowly over time just as they have been received. Works that will be available soon have been in process for over 15 years. The time has come to bring this mission to its conclusion by sharing this information with a broad audience.

    Many of you are hungry for more. Our cultural and spiritual understandings, including religious teachings, do not always fulfill current desires for spiritual awareness, practice, and understanding. It is this hunger that the Message coming through Moriah is intended to satisfy.

    Welcome to this new awareness and understanding. Do not expect to believe. Expect to be open. New understanding cannot penetrate closed minds and hearts. This new Revelation builds upon past understanding and prepares us for the future where we will interact with others whom our parents could not have begun to anticipate. Our world is rapidly evolving. Technology, transportation, and global business have brought us to new understandings about one another and the universe. It is now time to take another step.

    "Love" will be used for the Divine, Source, or Higher Power in order to have one word that crosses all spiritual paths and religions. It is time to begin the journey toward new levels of understanding never before revealed. Trust your heart to lead you to Truth as it has been revealed to us through the Messenger named Moriah.