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    "New World Manifesto"

    Jan. 1, 2013--That it's a New World should not miss our attention. In the big picture, all the evidence is clear. Our difficulty is not in learning specific facts, but in compiling these facts into a bigger picture, and taking action. Where are we now? Where are we going? What do we need to do?

    I've witnessed a lot of life. I listened intently to my parents and grandparents and integrated many of their experiences into my memory as extended life events. They happened; not to me, but they happened. As I look back at what I can glean from this "wisdom" of age, I realize that the picture is not only stark, but startling.

    My gratitude is toward many great men and women who have had the courage to speak their truth, or truth as they understood it. Were it not for Major Donald Kehoe; Timothy Good; Jacques Valee; Leslie Kean; Frank Feshino; Staunton Friendman, Ph.D.; David Jacobs, Ph.D; John Mack, M.D.; Budd Hopkins; Jim Marrs; and many others, an important and essential body of information would not have been researched, protected and shared. We owe these "pioneers" a debt of gratitude for having the courage of their convictions and a willingness to withstand the doubts and ridicule of family, friends, and colleagues. Their devotion to uncover possibly the biggest secret operation ever experienced is a testimony to the determination of the human spirit.

    But we can't stop there. We need to see the big picture of evolutionary change while we're still in the midst of it. We can't stop it. We have to survive the change, and then manage the change into a positive outcome for humanity.

    People often ask why I talk about "humanity". It's because what is occurring is not happening in one place or to one group of people. It's a world-wide phenomenon and it's not going to stop. So, given that we have some small historical perspective, possible evidence of integration of a unique nature, and some understanding of where this is going, we need next to prepare.

    Prepare for what? Joining with others from other worlds who are not human. In a few words we just described humanity's greatest challenge and one for which no amount of shopping, chasing youth, hiding or running away, or conquest will answer. The discovery that we are not alone in the universe has been shared in voluminous reports of sightings. Evidence that our minds are being affected has been written about by a variety of authors. How do I know it's true? My intellect is satisfied with years of reading about sightings and subsequent hiding of essential information. My experience of a UFO crash near my home when I was a child has imprinted the importance of the topic not only to me, but to humanity. A lifetime of unusual events, some of which I can somewhat recall vividly. A career as an educator where I learned to see those aspects of children, and adults, that fall outside what we might consider "normal". And, gifts I have that you might call being a "mystic, channel, or intuitive", and gifts in others of being able to see, hear, know, and heal beyond traditional models of reality. Something is going on, has been going on, and is increasing. When I wonder if humans have their heads in the sand, I feel a need to point out the changes. When I realize that people have their heads in the sand because they are afraid to look, I know I must share something with you. And I will.

    For over 20 years I have been "receiving" information through a process known as channelling. It isn't a new process; it's just not well known. Some are afraid to learn about it because it would challenge their view of "reality" as we know it. Some categorize anything unexplainable as work of the devil. And some prefer to avoid serious topics altogether and let others do the mental work of acknowledging a "new" reality. The reality isn't new; it's just new to us. What has been happening has glaringly existed right in front of us since Roswell. Now, it refuses to be denied.

    Author Richard Dolan has helped us take a gigantic step by imagining the world A.D. After Disclosure. He describes societal changes that may occur when the governments of our world finally, after undeniable events, reveal that contact from other worlds is not a new event, and that they are joining together to plan their responses. He examines possible scenarios of what will happen if and when our governments announce that extraterrestrials are real and are interacting with humanity.

    What may need further consideration is the effects of the loss of trust that would put all of our institutions including government, religion, and education in great jeopardy. When humans worldwide believe that they have been lied to, some governments may begin to topple. When they realize that religions have controlled not only their behavior, but their thinking, they may begin to make decisions about where truth can be found. If education is viewed as dumbing down our mind's ability to question by drumming test-taking material that perhaps prepares us for the workforce but not for life, it will no longer be viewed as the purveyor of truth and knowledge, but as part of the system that has caused us not to see what is really occurring. If our justice system, based upon trust that one will tell the truth when swearing to do so, comes under scrutiny with all of our other institutions, we may see great instability. Trust is essential; but trusting what is trustworthy is even more so.

    So now we have a situation that demands acknowledgment. We have actual sightings over about 60 years by innumerable credible witnesses. We have memories and stories of something strange in accounts of "abductions" by the "experiencers". We have research of all kinds of phenomena including crop circles, UFO crashes, and stories by former military, some revealing secrets on their deathbed. We have stories of threats on those who witnessed events some don't want disclosed. We have some unusual disappearances and deaths of key people in this unfolding story.

    Now, it's time to stop simply trying to prove or disprove whether this is real. It's time to prepare.

    First, it's time for each of us to become informed. It's time to catch up on the information we already have while including new information as it becomes available. Many bookstores and other media avoid information related to UFO's. You can find information through online distributors such as or organizations such as MUFON-- Mutual UFO Network.

    Secondly, it's time to become more aware in our own individual lives. Reflect. Were there any unexplained events or phenomena in our lives? Did we hesitate to tell anyone for fear of being ridiculed?

    Third, prepare for your definition of "reality" expanded. We are not children. We need to integrate new information. By holding on to a definition of reality learned in childhood, we create a paradigm where new information cannot be included. In other words, we have blinders on to what we have refused to see or try to understand.

    Fourth, we need to make our institutions into ones that we can trust, or make some new ones. Our governments talk of transparency. Are they transparent? As a citizen, do you believe what you are told? Trust is built upon evidence. What evidence do you have that your are being given the information you need to make informed choices? If essential information remains classified long after it's needed for security purposes, perhaps not. Fifth, we need to catch up on what's been happening as well as note continuing societal changes. Some say they see changes in our children. Some have even developed the name 'Indigo Children' to attempt to describe these changes. Have you noted changes? Sixth, as violence escalates, ask yourself why. What is behind this? Look past the simplistic answers and avoid getting into only more political conflicts. Look for the bigger picture. What is behind the violence, perhaps even causing the violence, to distract us and avoid notice?

    Seventh. Contemplate what's happening. UFO's have been visiting us, often in plain sight, for over 60 years. (Some say even in cave paintings, but for this purpose, let's talk about the increased obvious recent visitations.) They are often seen near nuclear sites. They have not landed conspicuously, but have been able to become part of our folk lore, science fiction, entertainment, and even decorate our children's pajamas. They have become part of our popular culture.

    Eighth. If you wanted to integrate without conflict, how would you do it? Would you, perhaps, especially if you looked human, join sexually? What would be the characteristics you would then see in children: increased sensitivities? inability to participate and therefore, withdraw? special "gifts" of seeing, hearing, knowing? inability to accept authority, perhaps because of increased intellect?

    Ninth. If you wanted to communicate without language, might you use telepathy? What have the "Experiencers" described? Many instances of telepathy. Tenth. Do not assume the "Others" are here for peaceful purposes or to "save us". In fact, beware of anyone who wants to "save you" from anything! Installing fear, and then promising to save, is an obvious technique for anyone who wants to oppress.

    The New World is here. The New World Library proclaims that:

    1. We are not alone in the Universe.
    2. We need to prepare in order to maintain our freedom.
    3. The time is now.

    Our world is rapidly changing. We can resist and fall behind. We can prepare in order to be able to survive and assist others. And some of us can assume the leadership roles in which we have come to serve.

    by A Messenger named Moriah