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    "Save Planet Earth"

    The Visitors are here
    They have invaded our lives
    Look at the media and decide
    Who wants control of Planet Earth.

    See the atmosphere and pollution
    See the climate change in unexpected ways
    See the air-craft
    That hover as they watch.

    See the children change
    Autism and allergies explode
    Psychic powers and long-held wisdom
    The children are not only our own.

    The children and some adults
    Carry wisdom the unwise cannot see
    Alien visitors understand
    What simply humans cannot comprehend.

    I, Moriah, am in the middle
    I can see both ways
    Bred of human and non-human
    My uniqueness is the future.

    What humans-only cannot see exists
    Those who see with Hybrid eyes
    Cannot see what humans see
    Can't understand that humans can't.

    Do you ever feel like you are different?
    You can't understand the masses?
    How they perceive you?
    And how they think?

    Do you know what you cannot know?
    See what human-only eyes cannot?
    Does the landscape change sizes
    To accommodate your Hybrid identities?

    Are you sometimes fully human?
    Other times, transcend human limitations?
    Do you wish others could see what you see?
    And hear the messages you hear?

    Are you persecuted for your views?
    Do you hold back, feeling different?
    Wondering why others can't see?
    Or act in puzzling narcissistic ways?

    Do you hold hope for peace?
    Wonder at humanity's need to destroy
    People, places, things--
    They feel are different from themselves?

    Do you wonder at the selfishness?
    The need to punish as revenge?
    When "justice" is only revenge
    And forgiveness, a forgotten word?

    Do you want change because you're restless?
    Or because you have a longing?
    Do you remember a time of peace?
    Can you define, do you desire, peace?

    Is collaboration a valid goal?
    Can humans set aside ego
    To attain the common good?
    Do you remember when it was otherwise?

    Do you feel a sense of calling?
    A drumbeat to which you must yield?
    Or have you stopped thinking?
    Are you content to be blindly led?

    Humans are being led like sheep to slaughter
    Others have a purpose, clearly focused
    They follow as they're given
    And are ruthless about independence.

    Human freedom is their enemy
    Human consciousness beyond their understanding
    Spiritual purpose is unknown to them
    They are clones of a bigger plan.

    They feel driven to conquer humans
    They look like us, but are not humane
    Empathy and caring are beyond their capacity
    They will destroy all who don't conform.

    Already they control much media
    Already they have obtained leadership
    Governments already overtaken
    Are going down a slippery slope.

    Ask yourself the heart-wrenching questions
    Who am I? No, who Am I?
    Really search until you recognize
    Who you truly are.

    Most of you are more than human
    That is why you have been drawn
    To the Message of Moriah
    To learn who you truly are.

    Who is pulling your strings?
    Who guides your choices?
    Is it values alone?
    Or is there something more sinister?

    You cannot hide from your true self
    It is longing to be free
    Only by recognizing your true identity
    Are you ever free to choose.

    Follow humanity's calling
    Preserve yourself and the human race
    Moriah's Message awaits you
    Then you must decide your fate.

    Will you acquiesce in apathy?
    Become fearful and attempt to hide?
    Or see yourself as a child of Love?
    Ready to move forward as Love provides?

    The Visitors came long ago
    They planted their seed in human-kind
    Now we're more than human
    Our true identity is "inside".

    Humans and Hybrids look mostly human
    A few tell-tale signs reside
    In those not fully human
    You can recognize by these signs.

    Hybrids are of a variety
    Some hold spiritual purpose and came to lead
    More came to overthrow humanity
    But they won't know until it's time.

    Recognize some special features
    These will help you to decide
    Larger heads and frailer bodies
    Sensitivities to earth's atmosphere.

    Inability to adapt to human diet
    Understanding beyond our notion of reality
    Sense of purpose, driven to perform
    Knowing they are different when very young.

    Tuning out of stimulation
    Frenetic energy they must avoid
    Sensitivities to light, sound, touch
    Overly developed sense of pain.

    Sometimes seeming absent-minded
    As if taking direction from an unseen source
    Often hiding behind an image
    So as not to be recognized.

    Beware of hidden agendas
    Of anything that does not feel "right"
    Beware, there are principles at work
    That are opposed to maintaining humanity's claim.

    Humanity feels ownership of Planet Earth
    That ownership is not entitlement
    Humanity is standing on the brink
    Of the collapse of human freedom.

    Look at those among us
    That seek to control us by fear and terror
    Recognize and avoid them
    Don't let them know your thoughts!

    Human freedom will not be lost by war
    It will be lost by those who
    Use our own minds against us!
    They control by controlling our thoughts.

    A New Curriculum will prepare us
    To know their thoughts, and hide our own
    The mental war is upon us
    Human freedom is at stake!

    Question all authority
    Question all that is accepted as fact
    Question the nature of reality
    And watch your "reality" expand.

    What we know mentally is nothing
    What we know in our gut instinct is real
    It contains all we know
    And all we ever knew.

    Watch out for those who promise change
    Without articulated direction
    Watch out for those who want you to give up autonomy
    And "take care" of you.

    They only want to overcome you
    They overwhelm you first with fear
    Then come along to save you
    No! Humanity must save itself!