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    A Messenger named Moriah

    Moriah is a woman living in the United States. Most of her life has been spent in conventional jobs and raising a family. However, she has always been deeply involved in a personal and spiritual journey that has brought her into contact with others on similar journeys.

    Spiritual life is rewarding yet challenging. Lessons are received through experiences that include personal tragedies. Yet every experience brings greater wisdom and insight to the one who attempts to integrate this understanding gained through experience into life. That is why wisdom in our culture is generally attributed to those who are older and have lived through many challenges. Yet Wisdom is also given to those who are specially designed to receive it. This may cause the person to feel different, even from childhood. So is the story of Moriah.

    Often feeling she didn't "fit in", couldn't understand the motives of others, or unaccepted by many close to her at home and at work, Moriah continued to attempt to keep the opinions of others from crushing her spirit. Sensitives, or those prepared for receiving and carrying spiritual energy, are often mistreated and feared due to the energy they carry rather than the behavior they exhibit. Those who strike out verbally or physically often are unaware of the reason for their own behavior. Emotional pain, and lack of acceptance, is worth the reward of receiving and giving. And so it is.

    May you be drawn to integrate the Message, as it is the Message, not the Messenger, that is important. When one Knows, one understands that the Message may be challenging. Spiritual understanding is not for the faint of heart. It comes when we are ready to receive. It challenges our assumptions and generates new levels of awareness that penetrate our lives at the very core.

    The journey upon which you are about to embark will be the greatest journey of your life. Make time in your daily activities for the important by eliminating that which is of little consequence. Prepare to expect that each step will be followed by yet another in your own spiritual journey. And take the Message from Moriah with you not for her sake, but for your own. She does not want your praise; she wants your spiritual growth and understanding. That is why she will remain hidden from the mainstream. She is in politics yet not of it. She is in the world, but remains connected beyond. Do not look for her; look only for her Message.

    You are now ready to begin this marvelous journey.