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    The New World Library is the preparation for joining with those who are not of the earth. The time has come to recognize that the paradigm of humans as the center of the universe is about to be replaced. The new paradigm includes humans as one of the many races with whom We will consciously interact.

    Indeed, that interaction is already occurring. Consider for a moment the evidence that has accrued that humanity prefers to ignore.

    For several decades, humans have known that they were being visited by those from beyond. UFO's, or those objects seen but unable to be identified, are part of folklore, entertainment, and military records, and part of human experience globally. Organizations of amateur reporters have provided a place for sightings to be recorded. Credible witnesses have not only been ignored, but have also experienced poor treatment by those wanting them to be silenced.

    Technology has advanced through transmission of communication from those races more developed who choose to assist in human evolution. You can trace unanticipated and expedited advances in technology that have occurred in times of need. However, the trade-off has been to keep the source of that communication out of the view of the public in the "public's interest." Unclassified documents reveal that collaboration with other intelligences has occurred. Your documentaries allude to cover-ups. Your New Age books previously attempted to alert the public. Now, even that voice has become more silent as humans choose to be engrossed in wars, scandals, and endless chasing of youth, and those items indicative of what humans regard as success.

    That is not success. Humans will not be successful at what is essential to their evolution if they remain ignorant of their surroundings. Their surroundings are full of evidence that current preoccupations are precluding their vision. They think that they can continue as they are, and all will be well. If they continue to pursue power over others in order to gain those things they believe are essential, they will lose what is truly essential.

    The Messages about to be revealed tell humanity now it must change its paradigm. The current paradigm is no longer valid. You have been visited, explored, exploited, and now, if you are unable to join as equals, you will be overtaken. Those who come do not want equality. They want dominion over your planet and all of its inhabitants. You will become as animals, giving even your lives for their needs. You will be enslaved. You will lose all freedoms. The earth will not be yours to enjoy. It will be yours to maintain in service to others. They do not come to save you. They come to use you for their purposes, which are different from yours.

    You began space travel decades ago. At that point you became of interest to the New World. They do not seek your wisdom and ways of living. In fact, they do not even respect them, nor do they respect you. You are simply to be used for their new civilization upon earth.

    That is why Moriah has come. Her messages are clear. They are fundamental to your very survival as a human race.

    Do not panic; prepare. Do not judge; be alert. See what is before you instead of what you want to see. Avoid conflicts, as they are a distraction being employed to blind you to the greater need. The greater need is to protect your planet from those who would oppress you.

    To remain free you must require freedom in every situation. They do not understand freedom, for they have a hierarchy and do not question their requirements. They will not understand the human spirit and its need to be free.

    Live your life insisting upon freedom from oppression in all of your relationships. Do not allow anyone to manipulate you. Teach your children to see the true motives of others. Look at actions to see if they are consistent with words. Do not believe anyone simply because they promise or proclaim that which you desire: love, peace, unity. These are words your politicians and others use to manipulate direction. Look at actions. Determine your course and beware of anyone who would use you for his or her purposes.

    Those who have come may look like you, but they are not like you. They will seek leadership roles. They will rule by power alone. They will not truly seek input although they will attempt to give that appearance.

    Prepare by searching your own hearts. Look for truth in every situation. Confront that which is not of truth. Be empowered. Be free. Let no one take away your right to be free.

    It is time to put away child-like ways and accept responsibility for the safe evolution of your planet.

    We are the Teachers of Love. We speak through the Messenger named Moriah.