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    N E W   W O R L D   W I S D O M


    What is Evolution?

    It is the continual change of all life, and all that is.
    We became.
    We are becoming.
    We are already something other than simply human.

    Other Intelligences see
    They view our naivete
    They are overcoming us

    We are already different from what we were
    Inter-species breeding is not new
    We are the

    Evolution is.
    We don't have to like it.....
    We don't have to want it.....
    But we can't stop it!

    If I could, I would
    But, I can't
    That is my
    Biggest regret.

    I am a Channel
    I understand communication I receive
    How does my brain do that?
    My Teachers have been with me consciously since 1990.

    They are giving a Message through me
    To assist us in "the Evolution that is occurring"
    They are consistent in their Message
    And now it's time to share the Message with you.

    I am only
    The Messenger
    Pay attention
    To the Message!

    It is not gentle, but it is real
    It will help the planet navigate through the difficult times ahead
    But you must be wise
    You must prepare!

    You must be with your profound intuition
    You must recognize true guidance
    You must secure freedom
    You must guard freedom or you will become enslaved

    Beware of all leadership....
    In sight
    And especially,
    Out of sight!

    Becoming Serious

    I get so tired of the nonsense
    People not being responsible and responsive
    And all the resulting problems.
    We break laws and there is a consequence
    We violate health rules and there is a consequence
    We neglect or abuse children and there is a consequence
    We gamble and there is a consequence
    We don't work and there is a consequence
    We abuse the environment and there is a consequence
    We abuse power and there is a consequence
    Why don't we humans ever seem to learn?!

    Moriah has so much work to do
    It's difficult having to take care of all the daily stuff
    With so much more important work

    If I can't do it all, Moriah's work will suffer
    So, I must stop trying to do it all
    What can I leave out? Entertainment, travel, care of property and family?
    It is a difficult assignment!

    Ready? Or not!

    Sometimes I wish I could sit upon a cloud
    But I have Higher Perspective anyway.

    Higher Perspective is a challenge.
    It can make it difficult to deal with day to day reality.

    Higher Perspective is that part of me called Moriah
    Moriah is. I must learn more patience.

    It is difficult to be patient with lying, deceit, infliction of pain
    With those who take advantage, and those who try.

    It is difficult when others don't understand
    Who Moriah is, and why.

    Moriah has a big assignment
    She is charged with "assisting in the Evolution that is occurring".

    Humans don't like Evolution and so they try to avoid it
    Soon, it will be unavoidable.

    Listen to the Ocean. What does it say?

    It says that time is short
    That even oceans have their timeframe
    That life on earth is not infinite
    That we, too, must plan our time.

    It says that humans as a race have long evolved
    That people now are different from those
    Who first walked the earth standing upright
    Giving their vision a "heads up" on life.

    It says that humans' time on earth is limited
    That others have come and evolved also
    That we may look alike, but aren't
    The time has come to look another way.

    The time has come to see differently
    To recognize not all are entirely human
    That different ways are inbred in them
    That their brains are more than human.

    The human race has evolved, is evolving
    Children today are unlike those before
    Brains expanded with new understanding
    They come remembering more of what they know.

    People today must hear the calling
    Take from this what they must hear
    Humanity's tale is not yet over
    But where it goes is now at stake.

    The ocean knows our deepest longing
    Self-preservation is our obsession
    Living longer, looking younger
    Fountains of youth found in the very next pill.

    Obsessions must be now replaced
    With efforts toward human preservation
    We are about to be overtaken
    We will soon become enslaved---

    Unless we listen, learn, take action
    Learn to hear another's thoughts
    Telepathy is no longer a way of knowing
    Telepathy will become the ONLY way.

    The ocean hears and captures thinking
    Returns to us what we deny
    Humanity's destiny will be determined
    Before the earth has time to dry.

    So listen to it's message, listen
    Hear the message it contains
    We will not be free much longer
    We've allowed ourselves to become vain.

    Vain and empty, complaining, consumers
    Wake up now! It's not too late
    Hear this message; begin preparing
    A curriculum is here for you to take. (coming soon)

    The Messenger's name is Moriah
    She hears messages you cannot hear
    She has visions you can't witness
    She has understanding of your fears.

    But human life is more than human
    The Visitors came, bred, and led
    Humans are now following blindly
    Take heed and prepare if you want to live free.

    You will live free.....
    You will live enslaved.....
    You will be used as animal experiments.....
    The choice is yours, and it is NOW!

    Letting Go

    I come here to breathe deeply
    To take in the energy that is mine
    To open to the mysteries of the universe
    To expand my soul's horizons.

    I come here to leave the frantic energies
    That threaten my repose and composure
    That test my patience and understanding
    That challenge me to understand human condition.

    Perhaps if I were "human only" I'd understand
    Why attention seeking needs crave recognition
    It sometimes doesn't matter why--just that
    Without attention, the human ego would die.

    Each decision requires such pandering
    Consensus building seems close to impossible
    How do we take what we all want
    And package it in an indestructible way?

    For it seems that humans will lose all
    In order to avoid not being recognized
    Needs so strong that sometimes kill compassion
    For reaching the basic understanding required.

    Humans are my biggest challenge
    Yes, I am human, but more
    I'm a hybrid born of evolution
    If this rings true, do you understand?

    Previous friendships have gone wanting
    Wandered away--no more common ground
    The pain of release goes beyond understanding
    "Loving release" is not without pain.

    I once again commit to my Journey
    In full understanding that some will fall away
    Relationships once considered "forever"
    Have already faded, and gone.

    Their memory brings loss, but gratitude
    Life shared; lessons learned
    True commitment is for the Journey
    Love joins all who are required

    So let me loosen my grip on those I love
    Letting them go to pursue their dreams
    While I take another step on my Journey
    The Journey that eventually leads me Home.