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  • No More Denial
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  • The New Revelation
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  • Moriah's Musings


    I sit here and observe
         Waiting for inspiration to find me
              And it does.

    Why am I here
         this time? this place? this universe?
    Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who asks.

    The world is changing
    People do not see it for they are in the midst of it.
    I'm in it too-one foot in, and one foot on yet another shore
    Where I see differently.

    Don't you wonder that humans can be so full of compassion,
         Or so full of hate and lack of empathy?
    Humans are a composite.
    It is difficult to find the purity I desire--
    In myself, or in others.

    Trust is a funny thing.
    It's the basis of action, or inaction.
    I trusted. And now I must review where I went wrong.

    Instinct is always there.
    Sometimes I fail to consult It.

    Humanity is evolving. It is sometimes strange.
    What will we be when we are no longer what we thought we were?

    Humans get so involved in the unimportant
    that they fail to do what is essential.
    It may be our final flaw.

    I escape because I cannot tolerate what I know.
    Yet what I know is our only hope.
    Our only chance is to see what is before us
         That we yet deny.

    Why do They come?
    Why not?
    After all, we are sleeping!

    In those hills
    Among those trees
    Out of sight
    The energy continues.

    In sight, out of sight
    The energy continues.

    We call it stress.
    It isn't stress;
         it's increased energy.
    And it's affecting our minds and bodies.

    Our bodies are not designed for this increased energy.
    It is making us sick.

    You cannot alleviate increased energy with stress management.
    You can only work to increase your capacity.

    Chronic Fatigue.
    Chemical Sensitivities.
    These are the first evidence of increases in our energy fields.

    Negative energy release can be achieved
         by motion of body, mind, and spirit.
    Positive energy accumulation can be achieved
         by meditation, prayer, and artistic expression.

    The source of negative energy is evolution.
    The source of positive energy is our out-of-sight assistance.

    Rely on what you cannot see
    To deal with what you can.

    I am most myself when I am Moriah
    As Moriah, I accept all that I know.

    I am a Messenger.
    A Messenger delivers a Message.
    People avoid the Message
         because they would have to leave the comforts of the mind.

    What we don't know can't hurt us?
    What we refuse to know is hurting us!

    If we had come together a half-century ago
         To develop a unified plan to deal with an outside Presence
              We would have had a much better chance.
    Fear, government cover-ups, and our refusal to accept the evidence,
         Have caused us to wait too long.

    We will have unity
    When the planet recognizes its vulnerability.

    Independence Day wasn't just a movie.
         It was a message.

    Organizations to track UFO activity are now irrelevant.
    The question now is not whether they are here, or why.
    The question is how we will maintain our freedom!

    The human race is succumbing
    That makes me very sad.

    If I go public, someone will kill me.
    If I stay out of sight, you might find the Message.
    When you do, take heed!