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    Introduction to the Works of Moriah

    The planet earth has long been visited. Human history has records in ancient scripts and artwork of such visitations. Humans have been interacting with other Intelligences for centuries. However, human history is about to take a steep evolutionary step. That is why Moriah has come.

    Moriah is a hybrid entity. Always in the mainstream of human life but drawn to other awarenesses, she has waited. Like a pregnancy, preparation continues over time until complete and the time of birth is at hand. So is the true work of Moriah about to be born.

    Previous works by Moriah are part of human preparation for joining with others Who are highly intelligent but have differences immediately apparent. Appearance, habits, perspectives, values, philosophies, and modes of transportation differ greatly from human experience. What does that mean? It means many things of deep concern to the human race.

    1. They, our Alien Visitors, communicate with thought alone. There is no language requirement. Humans who do not develop a capacity to trust the instinctual knowing within them, will likely perish due to lack of awareness of others' motives. Communication will be by thought. Others can already read human thought. Humans must learn to read and interpret others' thoughts to know their motives.
    2. They come with Purpose. They are seeking to expand by developing other worlds to meet their expectations. They need workers to carry out their mission. They do not need independent thinkers. Thus, they will attempt to keep their true agenda hidden so that humans will only know small parts of their plan. Their plan is to overthrow human freedom, and subjugate the human race to meet their needs. This will be mental slavery. Humans are becoming weaker. There are fewer statesmen who carry a vision for world peace through democracy and expanded trade. Humans remain tribal in word and deed and this will prove to be detrimental if continued. The time to awaken is now.
    3. They do not share human religious thought which controls much human behavior. They do not believe in "right" and "wrong". They have no moral dilemmas, as morality and ethics are not part of their way of life. Therefore they do only that which is expedient to achieve their agenda of pacification, oppression, and ultimate overthrow. The program has already begun and can be seen clearly by the limited parameters upon human news media, infiltration of government and religious leaders, entertainment, and greed. These are evidence of a program deeply in progress. It is only a matter of time until humans will be overtaken by those who are mentally stronger and morally bankrupt.
    4. The beings who are visiting carry an energy different from humans. They have the ability to use that energy in multiple ways. They can use it to draw others toward them for the purpose of unity. This energy is currently being used to unify human civilization in order to help it survive this evolutionary step.

    They use energy for healing. They do not rely upon archaic medical practices including debilitating surgeries and medications. They direct energy in ways that eliminate certain conditions and accelerate new tissue growth.

    They also use energy to put others into hypnotic states where their actions can be directed for good or bad, as humans understand good and bad. For these other Intelligent beings, "good" and "bad" are only figments of human imagination. Thus, they have no moral dilemma regarding performing experiments upon humans much like humans do upon animals. Humans are regarded mostly as a nuisance, but also as something that can be manipulated for their purposes.

    Energy is also increased when in their presence. While humans often do not see, or if seen, do not recognize alien presence, they may, if aware, note increased energy levels.

    Hybrids, who are both human and alien, carry a different energy from those entirely human. Human-alien hybrids have long existed, yet they are greatly increasing in number. You may recognize them by their intensity of focus, or by their unique abilities.

    Moriah is a hybrid who carries much energy for joining. It is her Purpose to warn and lead humans through the evolution that is occurring. She looks like you, but has a unique ability to "hear" or receive thought. That is how she channels our Message.

    Who are We? We are the Teachers of Love. We work through Moriah to provide guidance to planet earth. We are experienced with evolution because We have already experienced its destruction in our own worlds. Our "people" did not listen. Most were overcome.

    The purpose of Moriah's work will be to teach communication for the New World. It will be a communication of thought. It will not rely upon human language as you know it, yet it can be translated and transcribed as it is here.

    Do not be alarmed; be very wary. Be alert to those who make promises of: peace, wealth, status, and beauty. Aliens, or Visitors, know how to manipulate humans based upon human greed and ego needs. Begin immediately to eliminate these needs, and others will be less able to manipulate you for those purposes.

    Draw upon your instincts regarding others' motives. Be cautious of language as others carefully craft words to reach your deep longings. Just as advertising and marketing is based upon playing to human needs, the aliens are most adept at manipulation based upon human ego needs. The time to prepare is now. Waiting or looking for proof that this Message is real will result in destruction of life as humans know it. Human freedom will not exist and humans will be enslaved. Visiting alien minds are strong and focused. Many human minds are undisciplined and unfocused, or focused only upon ego-needs such as status, wealth, and beauty. Others are focused only upon entertainment through technology and adult play. Thus their minds are easily overtaken and manipulated for alien purposes.

    There is no time left. UFO sightings do not begin to reveal the intensity and extent of the invasion. It is not an invasion detectible by radio telescopes or landings on the White House lawn! The aliens are much too smart to announce their intrusion into human life. Through inter-breeding they can look human. They can appear and disappear from human view at will. Occasionally they are seen, but they manipulate other humans to ridicule those who speak out. They use human science against humans as it causes delay while humans look for scientific proof, which they can also manipulate.

    Their influence is now being felt in every sector. They manipulate leaders toward war. They infiltrate religions to increase violence and fear known as terrorism and discrimination. They cause people to be secretly at war with one another by building "empires" within service professions such as education and medicine. They are extending their influence of devaluing human life as evidenced by human treatment of those who are least productive in society such as children, elderly, and disabled. They influence the entertainment media causing human children to lose the capacity for human empathy.

    The level and extent of human empathy is one measure of the alien influence already seen. Consider whether you see more or less empathy human to human especially in those who serve the public.

    Thus, the program begun generations ago has become apparent with some humans in all sectors. Beware and do not allow children to play games where humans are killed where no evidence of empathy or compassion occurs as this has already led to children killing children and adults without empathy or remorse.

    An increase in terrorist acts is evidence of the manipulation of the human mind using religious beliefs for motivation. Fear is being used to distract humanity from all that is occurring.

    News that focuses on minutia while human misery such as starvation, preventable illness, and suffering are rampant is part of the closing down of the human mind. Human media, entertainment, government leadership, and events and programs in education, healthcare, and business are already signs of manipulation of human decision-making toward human loss and deceit, rather than for human higher good.

    The Works by Moriah are the translated and transcribed works of the Teachers of Love who have come to aid humans in the evolution that is occurring. Humans cannot stop Evolution. They can only work to survive it and maintain their freedom and autonomy. If the Alien Visitors cannot overtake humanity, they will leave and put their efforts toward overtaking others in other worlds. However, humans will still have much to learn about the rules that govern space exploration. Multiple tragedies may yet occur until these lessons are learned and obeyed.

    Humans are nations of people living under customs and/or laws. Customs and laws also occur in space exploration and commerce in the New World. Newcomers require orientation, which often comes in the form of unfortunate lessons. Be aware of the big picture of evolution in order to find humanity's place within this expanded order.

    You may now start this most efficacious and essential journey. Begin with Invitation to Love.