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    A Final Message from Moriah

    I donít want to give this Message to Humans. Why? Because I donít want to believe itís true! Inside I resist, but know that I must. I could just relax, vacation, play games, talk with friends, or find another meaningful job. But that is not my destiny. And it surely isnít yours either!

    I wish it were otherwise. We could essentially retire in place. Change only what we want, but keep what we like as it is. We could be comfortable. We could live out our lives simply being good people. It only it were so!

    20 years ago on my spiritual journey, I committed my life to God and to going where it would take me. And take me, it has! I have met marvelous people living their lives doing good for others. I have met ego-centric people taking important public service jobs and using them to build personal empires. I have met those who build others up, and those who tear down. And I have met people who do both out of their own personal needs. I have met people who care, and those who could care less, about others. I have lived, just like you.

    However, a Message emerged. It has been developed slowly and consistently over these 20 years and even before. A strong feeling that I had something I must do has motivated me to read, meditate, retreat, write, explore and more. Unfortunately, this Message will not stop. It will not be contained. It can be evidenced by looking at the big picture rather than just the parts. It is real. It is true. It is awful in its implications. And, it refuses to go away.

    Why? Because it is real. It is a Warning to Humans who will listen. It will only help us if we listen, believe, and follow through with the Preparation given on this website. My biggest fear is not that you might discover me and my identity. My biggest fear is that you will not have the capacity to believe the Message, see it unfolding, and adequately and immediately prepare.

    We have no time left. My 20 years of preparing this Message to give to Humanity is over. Whether I, the Messenger, live or die, the Message must live! Take it. Share it. Prepare in order to save yourself and those you love. Do not worry for me. Worry for you. Do not wait. Procrastination is your, is Humanity's, greatest enemy!

    The Message has been given to Humanity freely. I give it to you--freely. There is no financial charge to keep it out of your reach. It is given for your benefit. Take it and save yourself, and try to save those you love. It is already almost too late.

    The enemy distorts some religious beliefs for their own motives. Their motives are not holy. Their motives are dominance and control of the planet earth!