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    The Preparation


    Look around you and see what is really there. People pretending to like you. Pretending to be nice. But, walk away, and they continue to pretend. Why are they pretending to be who they are not? It is easier than the disruption that would be caused by honesty.

    Social lies are not necessarily bad. It is people acting civil. It is people pretending to be professional and cool. It is a way that society can operate effectively without tempers flaring. Therefore, conducting business by acting professional helps everyone.

    However, there is another side to polite social lies. They create the need to assess the other's agenda. What does he really want? What is she trying to get me to do? What is the advantage for the other if I do it? Is she just being nice so I'll buy something? If I refuse to donate, what will be the other's reaction? Being "nice" only to get what one wants is manipulation. How can we determine when the other is naturally gracious as opposed to manipulative? It is not merely important for social standing to be able to "read" the other. It can be essential for one's personal safety.

    Consider world events. Consider the actions of a few in the name of religion. Is killing or terrorizing others in the name of religion acceptable? Certainly it is not! So, how can we tell who is a terrorist? We have seen that if we depend on lists and bureaucracies, we may be endangered. Human fallibility is too often evident. Egos vying for rights to a security empire are causing genuine disgust and distrust. How can we know whom to believe? Can we find another way to recognize danger? Can we learn to distinguish those who speak of religion while plotting to kill? We not only can, we must, find another way to be discerning. We must learn to recognize the true motives of others, even those to whom we feel attached. We must be able to objectify every relationship to be able to identify those who would hurt us. And we must learn to do it quickly!

    True recognition is not a game of chance; it is a test of our inner ability to discern the motives of others.

    It is important to think of instances in one's own life where we wanted to trust, but were unable. What happened? Who was the person? When we held back from the relationship, was there a consequence? Was our gut feeling correct? What did we believe was the true motive, in spite of professions of honesty, of the other?

    This is not a time for childish naivete. Terrorists have penetrated regular society around the globe. Their agenda is to win. They do not want to join or unify. They want to overcome and rule by arcane laws that take away the power of all but a few. They look like us. But they are not of us. They look human, but use human religion as a way to manipulate. They manipulate even their own followers to self-destruct. They are without human emotions. They are intelligent. They plan. They use humans as a cover. They look human, but they are not. They joined with humans. They integrated physically without giving up their agenda to conquer and control. They appear human, but are without human empathy. They can be recognized by their lack of empathy. They are very focused. They are focused purely on what they want, and will eliminate all who are in their way. They do not follow rules of engagement. They do not care what they kill. They kill babies and children without mercy. They will kill any who obstruct their mission. Their mission is dominance and control.

    Screeners can look for evidence of explosives, but they cannot detect motives. When one method of terror does not work, they will quickly and deftly choose another. They have no hesitation about methods. Ethics are not of concern. They are hidden until they act. They act alone or in concert, but they act. They cannot be stopped by conventional methods. They cannot be recognized by conventional methods. They are capable of telepathy and thus know our thoughts without speaking. Therefore, humans need to:

    1). Learn to hide their thoughts from others, and

    2). Learn to "read" the thoughts of others.

    The safety and continuance of the human race is at stake. There is no time left for consideration. If these words "ring true" within you, you must prepare!

    The following has been received over approximately 20 years. It is being made public now so that each person might use the preparation to save himself and his/her family. Take this warning seriously. Not to do so will cause a delay that will be deadly to you. If you can acknowledge that deep within you a fear of annihilation resides, move quickly. Animals have their own warning system, but humans have covered their instincts in social lies and deception. Look deeply within, and then act to prepare. Do the curriculum and you will recognize the Truth given to us by those who seek to save us. It is our only hope. It is our true preparation. Begin.

    The Warning

    Time does not go backward. We cannot return to a time when life was simple. Those who have come to overtake us have long been planning. They merged with us. They use our religions against us. They use our human empathy against us as they know that there are limits to what humans will do. They have no limits. They have no religion to adapt or obscure their view. They have come to overtake our planet and they are already here, living among us.

    Only by recognizing them can we stop them. It will be difficult, but the human race is at stake! We do not want to become their animals for slaughter. We do not want to become enslaved. We must retain our power! We must become full of power--the power of telepathy; the power of recognition and reading motives. Do you really know what each person wants? You must to stay alive and free! Go and prepare as if your life depended upon it. It does!

    Begin the Preparation

    1. Note who has sympathy and caring.

    2. Note who does not.

    3. In all interactions, ask, "Does this communication feel sincere?"

    4. In all interactions, listen to your gut. Note any feeling of distrust or avoidance.

    5. Note when you are feeling manipulated.

    6. Note when people strike out verbally for no apparent reason.

    7. Note those who seem overly-focused.

    8. Note those who have no apparent "personal" life.

    9. Use caution when deciding whether to trust.

    10. Always, listen to your gut instinct.

    11. Note those in high positions who speak of caring and service, but whose actions are inconsistent with words.

    12. Be cautious of anyone promising peace.

    13. Watch out for social programs that make people dependent.

    14. Watch out for those who need power and control.

    15. Be careful what you say, and to whom you say it.

    16. Keep your thoughts neutral when around those who do not feel trustworthy.

    17. Listen internally. Do your thoughts reveal another's motives?

    18. Watch for physical cues that can reveal true motives.

    19. Look at a person's history when available. Does it reveal caring or control?

    20. Be aware of your gut feelings in all instances. If you feel danger, listen and respond to save yourself.